Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Leadership Foundation

     The five elementary buildings in the Owatonna Public School District have embarked on developing a Leadership foundation within each building.  Our Mission at Lincoln Elementary is to develop each student's leadership skills.
     The foundation of leadership will be taught every day, though it may happen quite subtly and unexpectedly.  It will become part of everything we teach – math, language arts, science, art, music, social studies, and physical education – every subject.  Teachers will continue to teach core subject, but they will do it while looking through the lens of leadership incorporating life skills and character lessons whenever possible.
    The habits are organized into a sequential, progressive model based on research of highly effective people.  They are also based on timeless, universal principles that have been around for ages, and transcend all cultural boundaries and socioeconomic layers.
     Habit 1 Be Proactive          
     Habit 2 Begin with the End in Mind
     Habit 3 Put First Things First
     Habit 4 Think Win-Win
     Habit 5 Seek First to Understand
     Habit 6 Synergize
     Habit 7 Sharpen the Saw 

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