Monday, January 9, 2012

How Can Gamification Help Improve Instruction?

This is a great Ted Talk by Gabe Zichermann.  Gamification brings together game mechanics (game thinking)and marketing to create engagement and solve problems.  I had a change to list to Zichermann speak at the TIES conference in Minneapolis, MN in Dec.  I truly believe a lot of what he speaks to can be used to increase student engagement, and we know if we increase engagement we can increase learning.  The first video is only 16 minutes and to the point.

The second video is a little longer and goes into more detail.  Both are worth a look!!
Our students today are not the same as the students schools had 10-15 year ago.  They way they learn and want to be engaged is different.  My goal is to continue to learn more about digital learns and find ways to use their strengths to help them achieve.

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